Conflict Management Coaching

Conflict resolvers often talk about finding the ‘win-win solution’. Successful conflict resolution usually involves fostering communication among disputants, problem solving and drafting agreements that meet their underlying needs. Some times conflict is unavoidable but often understanding the root causes of conflict allow organisations to implement strategies to prevent conflict occurring in the first place. As in most areas of management, identify situations in advance where conflict can occur and resolving conflict when it does occur comes down to training.

Identified conflict-prone yet talented employees or teams can lead to greater productivity and a more cooperative work environment. Conflict resolution skills can also defuse ongoing tensions and disagreements affecting morale and performance.

DST people Conflict Resolution Skills Coaching packs provide a one-on-one process that:

  • Increases confidence and competence in preventing, managing and resolving conflict
  • Encourages alternative approaches, and self-reflection, on behavior dynamics
  • Prepares the manager for challenging conversations and meetings
  • Supports the manager’s efforts to take action, which generates tangible improvements in specific conflict situations
How do DST people Conflict Resolution Skills Coaching packs work?

Step 1. Issue recognition and definition
Step 2. Individual online profile assessment
Step 3. Debrief and coaching plan set-up
Step 4. Conflict management skills development applied to actual context of conflict between self and others
Step 5. Building self awareness and confidence in managing conflict between self and others
Step 6. Coaching sessions’ focus on facilitating the resolution of conflict between others and increasing collaboration in dysfunctional teams
Step 7. Follow-up review and support

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