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Why DST people

Everything we do is driven by our desire to inspire your team to make the behaviour changes required to improve the leadership and performance of your business.

Through collaboration with our specialist trainers and coaches, your people and teams achieve greater self-awareness and heightened motivation to perform at their best.

Our team of experts integrate leading assessment and profiling tools, to provide the insight and knowledge needed for greatest impact.

John Smith

John is an experienced CEO and General Manager within the manufacturing and Human Resource sectors in both private and public enterprises. His expertise encompasses organisational planning, sales and sales management, performance management, training and development.

He is well skilled in strategic planning, leadership development, managing change and building successful teams. Whilst CEO of one of Australia’s largest private HR and recruiting firms, the company won an AHRI award for excellence in people management.

John’s approach is strongly collaborative, as he works with senior management & executive teams to implement strategy, planning and communication processes. With the objective of building your business’ competitive edge, John works to help businesses build and lead winning teams.

A brief insight into the world of DST people

An interview with John Smith, Managing Director of DST people

John Smith gives a brief insight into the world of DST people. John discusses what differentiates DST people from other organisations in the HR sector and how DST people works with mid size organisations.

DST people’s range of services includes organisational development & planning, role success profiling, professional sales, skills training, managing performance, high performance leadership training, outplacement support, succession & career planning, conflict management & prevention, effective team development, as well as personality & cognitive assessments.