Executive Leadership

Learning the art of leadership

People are not all born with the ability to lead. Different personal traits and characteristics can help or hinder a person’s leadership effectiveness and require formalised programs for developing leadership competencies. Yet everyone can develop their leadership effectiveness. Achieving such development takes focus, practice and persistence more akin to learning a musical instrument than reading a book. It is unrealistic to expect your leaders to lead on their strength of personality alone. Even the most experienced leader can benefit from leadership development training.

If you’re frustrated by your leadership team’s lack of progress, even though they seem to get along, it’s time for you to deploy a DST people High Performance Leadership program, which provides:

  • A focus for both individual leaders
  • and leadership teams
  • Customised content, designed and delivered by CEOs and business leaders
  • Customer need focused facilitation methods, including workshops, intensive training and one on one coaching
  • Highly interactive professional learning environments, using practical examples and collaborative learning techniques
  • Understanding of leadership and the framework of effective leadership teams
  • Training to help participants harness newly elevated and sustainable leadership capabilities, and to adopt and implement these skills in the work environment

How does DST people Leadership development work?

Step 1. Agree program scope for the organisation
Step 2. Measurement of individual and team leadership styles & behaviours, using credible, valid and proven assessment methods*
Step 3. Individual personal leadership style profiles provided and debriefs implemented
Step 4. Establish individual and team leadership development aims
Step 5. Team training workshops and/or individual coaching sessions, combining theory and practice, and addressing leadership effectiveness in the business context
Step 6. Monitor progress and support over time with extended coaching, and/or training to focus long-term leadership commitment, and further evolve developed leadership proficiency.

*DST people coaches are accredited users of this product’s psychometric assessment tools.

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