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  • Hiring on Personality
    Hiring on Personality
    In the ever-evolving world of talent acquisition, the resonance of personality within the hiring process is something we at DST People hold close to our hearts. It's about capturing that spark – the unique qualities...
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  • The Rise of Coaching
    The Rise of Coaching
    Historically we would refer to coaching as “Executive Coaching” at DST people. The inference being that only senior executives would qualify for coaching. “Qualify for coaching?” I hear you say? The only explanation...
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  • Why ‘belonging’ is so important right now & what you can do
    Why ‘belonging’ is so important right now & what you can do
    Australian organisations have embraced remote work…or have we? The operative word here, is ‘embraced’. And before you think it doesn’t apply to you…think again. As managers, leaders and members of teams, it’s critical for us to...
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  • Understanding the introvert & the extrovert
    Understanding the introvert & the extrovert
    We meet different people all the time – at work, through friends, at the gym, out shopping, walking the dog, waiting for our local talented barista to whip up our favourite coffee. We seem...
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Why DST people
Everything we do is driven by our desire to inspire your team to make the behaviour changes required to improve the leadership and performance of your business.
Through collaboration with our specialist trainers and coaches, your people and teams achieve greater self-awareness and heightened motivation to perform at their best.
Our team of experts integrate leading assessment and profiling tools, to provide the insight and knowledge needed for greatest impact.