Recruitment Support

Build a culture to attract and retain the best people

No matter what the financial climate, attracting and retaining the best people will always be a highly competitive activity. To attract the right people requires and well thought out and executed recruitment strategy that is tailored to the needs of your organisation. Most organisations don’t have all of the resources needed to conduct effective recruitment strategies. Even the largest HR departments rely on external recruitment services, such as DST people, to help them attract and retain the best people.

DST people Recruitment Services packages deliver practical and tailored solutions including:

  • Professional recruitment processes and tools
  • Time efficient and cost effective support
  • Aptitude and behavioural testing to increase recruitment success

Complemented by:

  • Effective induction program and tools
  • A structured performance feedback process

How do DST people Recruitment Services packages work?

Step 1. You choose the level of support required from five Recruitment Support packages. DST people offer fundamental recruitment services, through to comprehensive facilitation and support.
Step 2. Recruitment support packs can be fully tailored to match your specific needs.
Step 3. We guide you through each step, keeping you in control of the process, and ensuring the best approach is chosen at each critical point.
Step 4. We select and manage any relevant 3rd party supplier for you. All packs include candidate cognitive and behavioural assessment.
Step 5. Our flat fee reflects the level of support chosen and makes the process a cost effective way to recruit.

DST People Recruitment Support specialists are fully accredited in the use of this product’s psychometric tools.

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