Organisational Development

Develop a learning and knowledge sharing culture

In its purest form Organisation Development is a systemic learning and development strategy intended to change the basics of beliefs, attitudes and relevance of values and structure of the current organisation to better absorb disruptive technologies, shrinking or expanding market opportunities and associated challenges. To address major internal changes, merge cultures and to increase competitiveness, organisations need to learn how to unlock their team’s power, focus, creativity and energy. Key to this is developing a learning and knowledge sharing culture.

DST people Organisation Development and Planning programs provide a complete process which:

  • Improves your planning and budgeting processes
  • Develops a common goal and agreed strategies
  • Focuses your whole team on business improvement
  • Develops skills, and motivation, to go that “extra mile”
  • Ensures Key Performance Indicators and incentives contribute to behaviours that deliver superior performance

How does DST people Organisation Development work?

Step 1. Kick-start with a Planning Day (or two half days).

Step 2. Combine top-down and bottom-up processes covering:

  • Organisational strategy,
  • Operational concerns and
  • People issues.

Step 3. Assign tasks, responsibilities and priorities.

Step 4. Customise focus on key outcomes:

  • Improving business processes
  • Improving performance
  • Achievement of business’ goals
  • Aligning operations with strategies and HR plans
  • Developing skills and motivations
  • Productivity increases through performance efficiencies
Enjoy this sneak peak into our Organisational Planning workshop with our own Managing Director John Smith, providing some insight into starting your strategic planning process.

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