Professional Sales Skills

Professional Sales Skills

Professional Sales Skills Training for sustainable sales success

Even the most experienced and creative sales people benefit from sales technique training. Many sales people have little formal training of sales techniques, which result in a narrow understanding of what for a long time has been more of a science than an art form. The problem with even the best untrained sales people is that, when circumstances change and techniques that previously delivered results stop working, they don’t have the grounding to evaluate their techniques and develop new effective sales strategies. A DST people sales technique training provides sales teams with the skills, resources and analytic capabilities to improve sales and adapt sales strategies in response to changing circumstances.

DST people Professional Sales Skills Training programs offer practical and flexible solutions to increase your ability to gain and grow a customer base and increase sales revenue with:

  • A process to identify sales skills and competency gaps
  • Training modules to address your specific sales challenges
  • Proven techniques
  • Sales confidence

How does DST people sales techniques training work?

Step 1. Review current sales performance, issues & challenges.
Step 2. Understand staff perceptions & process effectiveness.
Step 3. Design a tailored program – remedial or proactive as required.
Step 4. Workshop sales fundamentals.
Step 5. Advanced skills workshop options*
Step 6. Review & formal recommendation
Step 7. Ongoing sales performance monitoring & coaching.

*We tailor your package, from basic to complete sales skills training, based on your business requirements, context and resources.

Enjoy this sneak peak into our Professional Sales Skills workshop with our own sales guru and expert facilitator Gordon Smith, providing some surprising insight into ‘who’ is selling in your business, some common barriers to the sales process and optimising your sales message.

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