How DST people use psychometric testing

In explaining the type of personality assessments DST people administrate and incorporate into their products, the following can be used as a provision of interesting, motivating and in depth background as well as evidence of advantages and benefits to companies and employees undertaking them.

DST people have identified outstanding personality, behavioural (also called psychometric testing) and cognitive testing tools, and integrated them into our ranged of training and development packages. Psychometrics are used to measure knowledge, abilities, attitudes, personality traits and educational measurements. Cognitive testing provided by DST people have been developed by one of the worlds most authoritative and well-respected research organisations, the Australian Council for Education Research. Cognitive assessments test for a range of numerical and verbal abilities and skills, as well as abstract reasoning ability, testing innate intellectual functioning related to learning capacity, problem solving and thinking styles.

As stand-alone assessment tools, these types of tests provide invaluable insights into individual personality profiles, knowledge and ability.

When used with DST people’s suite of professional development and training tools, these tests provide a benchmark and a road map to maximising the potential of individuals, teams and organisations.

Many DST people products use specialised cognitive and personality assessment tools to evaluate people and teams, how they behave and interact, along with how people fit into roles and their suitability within your business. Cognitive or personality assessment tools feature across many DST people services, which run parallel with the continuum of attracting, developing and retaining the best people for your business. These featured services range from role profiling and recruitment, as well as various specialist training programs such as leadership and team development & performance management, and through to coaching and support in areas such as outplacement and conflict management.

To identify the successful attributes and requirements of key roles, DST people incorporates the use of a comprehensive deck of personality assessment tools during the creation of role profiles for your business. This enables detailed understanding of the behavioural elements required of role incumbents.

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