What DST people deliver

DST people - Coaching
People, Planning & Recruitment
DST people - People, Planning & Recruitment
Training & Development
DST people - Training & Development
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We deliver fresh ideas and solutions to assist your business growth by helping you attract the right people for the right roles, develop key employees and retain the talent required to maintain your competitive edge.

We deliver fresh ideas to assist businesses growth through:

  • Attracting the best people for your business
  • Managing and engaging key employees through ongoing development
  • Retaining talent and developing your business’ competitive edge

We help business owners and management teams identify key staff and business challenges and the opportunities that lie within. With business and staff specialties in over 20 areas which are highlighted below.

Our Products

People, Planning & Recruitment

Managing Change
Prepare for, plan and manage change scenarios

Managing for Performance
Motivate your people to exceed expectations

Organisational Development
Develop skill & motivation to drive a performance culture

Recruitment Support
Build a culture to attract and retain the best people

Role Success Profiling
Discover the “work profile” of your ideal employee

Succession & Career planning
Identify & develop the key people in your organisation


Conflict Management Coaching
Building conflict management proficiency

Executive Coaching
Develop executive skills to set & achieve goals

Outplacement Support
Supporting your people through outplacement

Sales Coaching
Maximise the potential of your sales team

Training & Development

Communication Skills
Mastering all types of communication challenges

Customer Service Excellence
Building a superior customer service culture

Executive Leadership
Getting the most out of your leadership style

Managing Workplace Conflict & Prevention Skills
Reducing conflict increases productivity & innovation

Managing Workplace Time
Achieve business goals through productive employees

Mentoring & Coaching
Develop & nurture workplace mentoring relationships

Planning & Facilitating Effective Meetings
Promote & facilitate meetings with outcome & action

Presentation Skills
Design & deliver outstanding presentations

Professional Sales Skills
Deliver sustainable sales success

Project Management
Lead, plan & execute profitable projects

Team Development
Embrace & build more effective team dynamics