Role Success Profiling

Learn how to match people with roles

Imagine a scenario where all of your people having the right attributes to succeed in your business. Role Success Profiling can make this a reality by helping you recruit, develop and promote high performers consistently and with confidence.

Role Success Profiling allows new managers and staff to fit into and strengthen your culture. Role Success Profiling can also improve staff morale, motivation and retention.

DST people Role Success Profiler packages increase your ability to select and retain the high performers who will deliver your business vision by providing you with:

  • Best practice recruitment tools and retention solutions in one package
  • Candidate testing, including matching of behavioural elements against your desired profile for an ideal candidate
  • A link with induction, career management and development plans

How does DST people Role Success Profiling work?

Step 1. Selected internal job experts identify desired attributes, skills and attitudes of an ideal candidate.
Step 1. Existing top performers can also be profiled to identify key success indicators.
Step 1. Job experts reach agreement on the ideal candidate profile via a workshop facilitated by a DST specialist. The ideal candidate profile is generated.
Step 1. The ideal candidate profile is used to undertake structured recruitment and assessment, benchmarking against desired characteristics, attracting the right person for the role.
Step 1. Candidates undertake an online survey, generating a personal profile, which is compared to the “ideal profile”. A report and ‘Interview Guide’ is generated, detailing areas of ‘fit’ and areas to explore.
Step 1. DST provides tailored recruitment and assessment packages, allowing you to most effectively incorporate your identified “ideal” profile results to ensure you engage the right people for the right roles.

DST People Role Profile specialists are fully accredited in the use of this product’s psychometric tools.

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