Effective Meetings

Planning & facilitating effective meetings for teams wanting successful outcomes

Meetings, and most importantly their outcomes, become more successful when participants better understand the role they play in the meeting. Understanding their role, whether it be as a planner, facilitator, contributor, is critical in ensuring effective meetings and successful outcomes, and helps to eliminate meeting ‘time wasting’.

Meetings can be the primary way that members experience being in a team. They enable team members to get to know each other better & feel like they ‘belong’; share valuable information; problem solve & be creative together; acknowledge, challenge & support ideas; get everyone involved, committed & responsible for getting things done; and make decisions together in order to be more productive.

DST people Effective Meetings programs enable teams to:

  • Understand strategies to deal with certain behaviour types who attend our meetings
  • Understand strategies to ensure engagement of all team members
  • Identify methods to enable outcomes to be reached
  • Undersand and explore the different roles of participants
  • Understand the importance of planning, setting agendas and the implications of timing

How does DST people Effective Meetings training work?

Step 1. Review current business meeting issues and challenges.
Step 2. Understand staff perceptions of meeting processes and outcomes within their workplace and meeting effectiveness.
Step 3. Workshop planning & running effective meetings fundamentals.
Step 4. Advanced communication skills workshop option.
Step 5. Extension workshop option to meet specific meeting process needs, including the utilisation of relevant case studies, role playing and designing meeting plans.
Step 6. Application of appropriate tools to increase meeting effectiveness successfully.
Step 7. Review and recommendations for further meeting effectiveness development considerations.

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