Conflict Management & Prevention

Reducing conflict increases productivity and innovation

Supervisors spend more than 25% of their time on conflict management. Managers spend more than 18% of their time on relational employee conflicts. This has doubled since the 1980s. Failing to resolve workplace conflict results can increased absenteeism, WorkCover claims, complaints and unnecessary legal actions.

DST people Prevent and Manage Workplace Conflict skills training packs provide a group development process that:

  • Enables managers to confidently and competently conduct difficult conversations and meetings
  • Delivers additional skills to handle conflict prone situations
  • Increases collaboration and creativity, improving both individual and team performance
  • Reduces your organisation’s risk and costs of bullying, harassment and other complaints

How do DST people Conflict management strategies work?

Step 1. Review current conflicts, costs and challenges
Step 2. Interview staff on their perceptions of current processes
Step 3. Design a tailored program for groups of up to 10 participants
Step 4. Train on conflict dynamics and key principles
Step 5. Train to understand the sources of conflicts and constructive responses
Step 6. Practice skills in helping others to reach agreement
Step 7. Build skills around prevention, compliance and conflict cost reduction
Step 8. Customised on-going support

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