Sales Success Coaching

Maximise the potential of your sales team

While the link between effective sales coaching and better sales performance is widely known, the majority of sales organizations fail to realise the full potential of their investments in sales coaching training. Often times, this means missed opportunities for dramatic improvements in top-line revenue growth, margin enhancement, conversion rates, as well as sales forecast accuracy, and sales rep retention and engagement levels.

DST people sales coaching will help you identify what makes your top sales people so good. It will also help you understand why your lowest performing sales people achieve mediocre results. DST people sales coaching will also help you understand if your sales force typical or exceptional.

DST people provides Sales Coaching solution which helps you:

  • Take the guesswork out of managing your sales people
  • Discover the specific areas of imbalance in individuals within your sales team
  • Establish minimum standards to assess and develop your sales people
  • Rebalance skills and increase sales performance

How does Sales Coaching work?

Step 1. Confidential on-line assessment of 13 crucial sales success elements
Step 2. Review and debrief the Sales/Account Manager using the outcome of the “Sales Success Profile” (benchmarked against 300,000 sales professionals)
Step 3. Identify the skill sets needing improvement to reach peak performance
Step 4. Agree on any objectives and develop a coaching program
Step 5. Commence coaching including on-the-job applications, role-plays and sales call reviews
Step 6. Assess progress & identify barriers to success
Step 7. Implement potential remedies and establish peer support
Step 8. Review final outcomes and implications

Sales Coaching packs can be run in conjunction with sales force recruitment, individually or with your sales team.

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