Outplacement Support

Manage workforce transition & outplacement

Outplacement services provided by DST people are designed to provide downsizing organisations the support to help employees through the transition to new jobs and help them re-orient to the job market. DST people Outplacement services can either be delivered through individual one-on-one sessions or in a group format.

Some of the questions organisations need to ask themselves when downsizing are ‘do we have the resources and experience to manage this organisational change?’ and ‘can we support our employees in their career transition?’

What Outplacement services do DST people deliver?

Managing workforce transition and outplacement is a delicate and complex process.

DST people provide an accredited and highly experienced team to:

  • Ensures employers understand how to manage retrenchment professionally
  • Reduce the emotional confusion for all concerned
  • Equip retrenched employees with valuable personal insights and tools to manage their own career transition and market themselves effectively
  • Enable proactive people management & support, as well as helping to maintain confidence and morale

How DST people Outplacement services work

Step 1. Debriefing session with the leaving employee following notice.
Step 2. Workshops to develop employee self-awareness & employment market understanding.
Step 3. Workshops to develop personal sales documents and build job search tools and techniques.
Step 4. One on one resume development and confidence building.
Step 5. Follow up: One month review and tailored on going support.

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