Complimentary training & development review

Complimentary training & development review

Many organisations fail to realise the full potential of their people, simply because they don’t continue to develop that potential. Similarly, an organisation’s culture can be poisoned by poor communication, leading to misunderstanding, resentment, poor behaviour and less-than-stellar performance. It is rare that individuals alone are to blame for these failings. The right training & development can transform an organisation and its people. Our staff are not naturally equipped with the skills to cope with the variety of personality types found in business. We are often surprised when people fail to work well together. This can be costly. The right training can make a big difference and help your people learn to communicate and work together much more effectively.

Why do organisations fail to invest in training & development?

According to Jim Collins in his book “Good to Great” great companies invest significantly in their key people. So why don’t all organisations invest in their greatest assets outside technical training? They may see training such as effective communication, team development and managing conflict as a low priority, but this view is counter-intuitive.

Why pay so much for your people, then not equip them with the skills to make them as effective as possible.

Consider that an investment of 5% of a team member’s salary in training could yield an increase in productivity of 30% and you begin to understand the value of ongoing training & development.

Complimentary training & development review by DST people

Organisations without a history of team development training quickly become evangelists once they experience first hand the transformation effect it has on its people and productivity.

We have discovered that the most difficult part of this process is understanding where to start. So DST people is now helping organisations with a complimentary training & development review consultation.

We’re making the process easy to start. Meet with us to discuss your people challenges and we will advise you on how to develop the culture you’re looking for.

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