Hiring on Personality

Hiring on Personality: Finding the Heartbeat of Your Team

Recently I read an ABC News as story about a “personality hire”. This story got me thinking about Hiring on Personality.

In the ever-evolving world of talent acquisition, the resonance of personality within the hiring process is something we at DST People hold close to our hearts. It’s about capturing that spark – the unique qualities that make not just a candidate, but a team, truly shine.


The Personal Touch in Hiring

  1. Reflecting on Our Culture: Just like a family, every organization has its own rhythm. Understanding the nuances of your company culture helps to pinpoint the personality traits that not only fit but enhance this rhythm. Looking at personality can also help with filling any gaps you may have in your culture.
  2. Beyond the Resume: Thinking back to some of the most successful hires we helped with, it wasn’t just their on-paper qualifications that stood out. It was their stories, their passions, the way their eyes lit up when they spoke about their work. This level of personal insight is key in the hiring process.
  3. A Symphony of Skills and Personality: Striking the right chord means balancing technical skills with personality. It’s about finding individuals who can both do the job and bring a new melody to the team’s existing harmony.
    Continuous Harmony: The journey with employees doesn’t end at the hire. Like any good relationship, it requires ongoing nurturing and tuning to ensure that the harmony sought in hiring continues to resonate within the team.
  4. Using the right tools: At DST, our favourite tool is Facet5 – we find that Facet5 is a great tool to help tick, review and assist with 1, 2, 3, & 4.



Incorporating personality into hiring is more than a strategy; it’s a commitment to building teams that resonate not just with skills, but with shared values and visions. At DST People, we cherish this approach, recognizing that the heart of a team lies in the unique personalities that make it whole.


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