Psychometric Testing

Psychometric Testing

Knowledge is power

More often than not the reason training programs fail to achieve the desired outcomes is because trainers don’t understand the culture and dynamics of team relationships. Understanding an organisations culture is often simpler than understanding the personalities within this culture. One of the most accurate and efficient ways of developing a comprehensive understanding of individuals and team dynamics is through psychometric testing. Psychometric testing is a practice that has been in used for decades and is a practice not used enough in recruitment and professional development.

‘Best Practice’ training processes

DST people integrate the latest generation ‘best practice’ psychometric tests in their training programs. The information obtained through this process helps both facilitators and Business Managers develop a more accurate understanding of the challenges and opportunities of working with and developing team members.

The Latest generation of Psychometric testing

For those who may have previously used or engaged with previous generations of psychometric tests, you will be surprised by how far this technology has come in a short time. The level of sophistication provided by the types of psychometric testing employed by DST people provides essential information on personalities and natural aptitudes.

Building a more comprehensive picture of your team

There are very specific personality traits that make people naturally suited to filling specific positions in an organisation. For example, the traits that made someone a successful sales person are not necessarily the same traits that make them good sales managers. Psychometric testing does not limit team members’ capabilities; it only defines current challenges and potential behaviours that can undermine team dynamics and efficient workplace practices. Armed with this information, businesses are then in a position to determine what training is required to improve outcomes.

People join organisations and leave managers

We all understand how the wrong team dynamic can undermine the effectiveness of a whole. Bad practices and poor behaviour often starts at the management level and filters down to the remainder of the organisation. The psychometric tests deployed by DST people can help identify the root cause of these problems. Training can correct these problems and provide lasting benefits.

The secret to retaining the best people

It is widely recognised that the experience of the first 90 days with an organisation is key to retaining the best people. In the first 90 days, new people are exposed to your on boarding process, a range of managers and different team dynamics. The right psychometric testing can improve every aspect of this experience. Psychometric testing can provide you with detailed information to help individualise the on boarding process. It can also help implement professional development and succession strategies, improving the effectiveness of managers and team dynamics.

A combination of the right psychometric testing and training strategy can deliver measurable and long lasting benefits to an organisations culture, securing the best people and attract more of the same quality.

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